Anti-police riots in Madrid after African street vendor dies of cardiac arrest  

From Breitbart:

Madrid’s “most multicultural neighbourhood” was set aflame in riots against “racist” authorities after a Senegalese street vendor reportedly died of a heart attack.

At least 20 people were injured in the clashes, which lasted from 9pm Thursday evening until after midnight and saw dustbins, trees, and furniture set alight, and patrol cars, buildings, and bus stops smashed in the city’s Lavapiés district.

“We want the neighbourhood to burn and for everyone to know about what happened this morning,” one protester told reporters, referring to the Senegalese man Mame Mbaye who died on Thursday after going into cardiac arrest.

Protesters said the 35-year-old street vendor, who was living in Spain without a residence permit, collapsed while he was being chased by officers on motorcycles — a claim denied by city police and emergency services.

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