Robert Mueller has likely crossed Trump’s ‘red line.’ Now what?  

Referring to the recent subpoena ordering “the Trump Organization to hand over all documents related to Russia and other topics” under investigation — and examining “the role foreign money may have played in funding Mr. Trump’s political activities” — journalist Charles Pierce opines that clearly special counsel Robert Mueller has “pole-vaulted” over President Trump’s red line.

Pierce writes:

From this, it looks like Mueller plans to burn it all down. It looks as though he’s decided that everything with which this president is involved is so irredeemably corrupt and lousy with dirty money that trying to split the difference between which corruption was involved with the campaign, and what dirty money financed it, is an impossible rat’s nest to untangle. So the easiest thing is to light a match and see what burns in what color flame. […]

There is a sense right now of something stirring in the murk. Too many people are acting far too nervously. Something shapeless is rising from the deep and, waiting for it, is Robert Mueller. He plunges implacably forward and, if he ever does look behind him, sees only the rising floodtide of the Rubicon.

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