Is ‘Bloody Gina’, the woman who could be the next CIA boss, up to her eyeballs in torture?  


Her name has been excised from file after file, but insiders insist there is no mistaking the identity of the CIA chief whom they dubbed ‘Bloody Gina’.

As ‘chief of base’ of a secret ‘black site’ CIA prison in Thailand, she oversaw a brutal regime in which suspected terrorists were subjected to ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques, including being waterboarded, hurled against walls and squeezed for hours into coffin-like boxes.

It is claimed she even went to a prisoner’s cell to goad him after he had been tortured, and there is speculation that she once joined in an interrogation.

But while she had the power to stop the interrogation of suspects as they vomited, urinated on themselves in their shackles, or lost consciousness, official records show that she never did.

Those records also show that she was instrumental in the destruction of video tapes that documented the use of techniques now almost universally regarded as torture.

The CIA agent in question is Gina Haspel and, to widespread horror, she may soon be the West’s most powerful spy.

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