The top ten lies in the Trump budget

From Forbes (last month):

There are three reasons why, as predicted, the Trump 2019 budget announced last Monday was barely a topic of conversation by the end of the day it was released let alone by the weekend’s talk shows.

First, the White House stepped all over its own budget story by announcing its infrastructure plan hours before it released the full budget. That was also the same day the Senate began debating immigration and the Rob Porter situation became a big juicy political scandal the administration completely mishandled. Add the Florida school shooting; the congressional testimonies by the directors of the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency that Russia was engaged in a cyber war with the United States; the scandal involving the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs; and the indictments for the Russian involvement in the 2016 election and it’s easy see why the Trump 2019 plan never had a chance.

Second, the Trump 2019 budget quickly faded from view because almost no one wanted to discuss its $1 trillion-plus deficits or its very large domestic spending cuts that are unacceptable to most congressional Republicans and Democrats and have no chance of being considered let alone enacted.

Third, the Trump 2019 budget was based on so many half-truths and outright lies that its credibility was destroyed right from the start. Here are my top 10.

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