Lawyers, lawyers everywhere. And none to represent Trump

From The Guardian:

It matters that Donald Trump can’t find a great lawyer to represent him. Just ask Richard Nixon.

In disgrace following his 1974 White House resignation, Nixon paced and pondered the “what ifs” from exile in San Clemente, California. He placed a call to Washington, DC to the one man he thought could have made a difference and saved him from his ignominious fate and place in American history as the only president to resign from the job.

“I wish you were my lawyer,” he told Edward Bennett Williams, who, at the time, was the most famous litigator since Clarence Darrow. But it was way too late for such regrets. It may be too late for Donald Trump, too.

Lawyers, including John Dowd, have been ousted. Lawyers, most notably Michael Cohen, have been exposed as thugs allegedly paying hush money to a porn star. Lawyers, well-placed Republicans like Ted Olsen, have said no. More recently, other lawyers, like Chicago’s Dan Webb, also declined to come aboard. Lawyers found conflicts to prevent them from representing Trump, like Joe DeGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing. […]

The problem for the white-collar defense bar’s crème de la crème is that Donald Trump is so blatantly the client from hell. He won’t listen. He won’t obey instructions. He is headstrong. He is a bully. Sometimes, he doesn’t pay his bills. Most of all, it’s possible that he isn’t capable of discerning fact from fiction. This last foible could get any lawyer who represents him into very deep legal hot water. No one wants to get disbarred for the fame and fortune of representing President Trump.

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