German dog that killed owners may not be put down after outcry

From The Guardian:

A dog that was due to be put down after mauling its owners to death may receive a stay of execution after German authorities admitted mistakes following a nationwide petition to save it.

Chico, a staffordshire terrier, was captured by firefighters who broke into a flat near Hanover last Tuesday and found the bodies of its owners, named as Lezime K, 52, and her son Liridon, 27. An autopsy found they had bled to death after being attacked by the animal.

The dog was to be put down, but after more than 250,000 people signed a petition titled Let Chico Live, Udo Möller, a city spokesman, said authorities were ready to admit they had made mistakes by failing to remove Chico from its owners, having recognised that they were overwhelmed by the dog, which had been trained to fight. […]

Scores of people have demonstrated outside the veterinary inspection office in Hanover, appealing to it not to put Chico down. The dog home Tierheim Hannover, where Chico has been kept in a cage since its capture, has reportedly received hundreds of requests from people willing to give it a new home. There have also been numerous attempts to break into the centre to rescue the dog.

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