Heartbreaking audio of 16-year-old’s calls to 911 as he was slowly crushed to death in his van

From DailyMail.com:

Distressing 911 calls show how a 16-year-old pleaded with a 911 dispatcher to send help after he became trapped under the third row bench seat of his van.

Kyle Plush was found dead Tuesday evening, more than six hours after he first called police for help, saying he was stuck in his van and close to death.

The Seven Hills School student first called 911 at 3:14pm, saying he was trapped in his van in the school parking lot and to send help immediately.

Plush became stuck underneath the third row bench seat of his van when the seat collapsed as he was leaning back to get tennis gear from the back of the vehicle.

‘Help, help, help. I’m stuck in my van outside the Seven Hills parking lot. Help. I need help,’ Plush says.

Plush used the Siri function on his phone to call 911, since he wasn’t near his phone.

It also meant that he couldn’t hear the dispatcher when she tried to get a more detailed description of his location, and in turn, the 911 operator struggled to hear Plush because he was so far away from his phone.

‘Where are you?’ the dispatcher asks.

‘I can’t hear you, I’m in desperate need of help,’ Plush responds.

‘What is the address?’ the dispatcher asks.

‘Help, help help. I can’t hear you,’ Plush says.

‘Where are you? the dispatcher asks again

‘If you don’t send help I’m gonna die soon,’ Plush says.

That call abruptly cuts off after about three minutes.

At 3:26pm, a deputy arrived at the scene and searched at least two of the parking lots around the school, but doesn’t find anything.

‘I looked in a van and I didn’t see anybody in it,’ the deputy told dispatchers.

‘It was really hard to hear,’ the operator told the deputy. ‘It was really a strange call.’

The deputy tried calling Plush back but the call went to voicemail after a few rings.

Plush made his second and final call at 3:35pm, this time growing more desperate and his speech more labored.

‘This is not a joke. This is not a joke. I’m trapped inside a gold Honda Odyssey van,’ he says.

‘I probably don’t have much time left. Tell me mom I love her if I die,’ he adds.

This call last two and a half minutes before ending, and the operator is not heard speaking on the recording.

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