Trump supporters rip decision to strike Syria

Just last month, during a speech in Ohio, President Trump announced “that the U.S. military would be ‘coming out of Syria, like, very soon,’ according to a senior administration official and a U.S. official familiar with the matter.”

But then he went ahead anyway, and ordered the strike against Syria.

Now it appears Trump has seriously pissed off a number of his most loyal supporters for turning his back on the noninterventionist platform he campaigned on.

From Politico:

Some of President Donald Trump’s staunchest backers tore into his decision to attack Syria late Friday night, arguing it was unnecessary, reactionary and even Clinton-esque.

In tweet storms and video responses, they compared Trump’s decision to attack Syrian targets to actions taken by President George W. Bush or a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton.

“We lost. War machine bombs syria. No evidence Assad did it. Sad warmongers hijacking our nation,” tweeted conservative author and radio host Michael Savage. Savage also posted a video discussing the missile strikes, tearing into Trump’s decision.

There was a clear sense of disappointment among a certain strand of Trump supporter as the president announced a “precision strike” against the regime of Bashar Assad on Friday in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack last week.

The anguish came from supporters who latched on to Trump’s “America first” promise during the campaign. They argued that Trump’s decision undermined his promise to disentangle the U.S. from global conflicts, saying it reeked of the same old, same old.

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