The sad truth about Sean Hannity’s deceit is that his viewers do not care

So now everybody knows. The identity of Michael Cohen’s secret third client, whom Cohen’s lawyers fought tooth and nail to keep from being revealed, just happens to be his most outspoken fan, Sean Hannity.

From New York Daily News:

Sean Hannity is not just the president of the Michael Cohen Fan Club — he’s also a client. That’s right, it turns out that one of President Trump’s top cheerleaders on Fox News is the previously unnamed third client of Trump’s attorney, whose offices were raided by the FBI last week.

Irresponsibly, Hannity didn’t tell his viewers this. But the dirty secret is, his viewers just don’t care — which reveals a far deeper problem in our nation.

It’s unclear what Hannity’s exact relationship to Cohen is. According to Cohen’s attorneys, he is a client, whose identity, if publicly revealed, was “likely to be embarrassing or detrimental” to him.

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Not that his viewers give a damn.