The judge in the Michael Comey-Stormy Daniels case is perfect

Judge Kimba Wood is trying a case with a porn star in the courtroom and the president’s secrets at stake but “she’s used to the celebrity spotlight in a world in which it is increasingly difficult to draw the line between politics and entertainment” and is totally unfazed.

From Politico:

The blog — now defunct — was called Underneath Their Robes, the poll was on “Superhotties of the Federal Judiciary,” and the winner in the female category was a New York judge named Kimba M. Wood. After that, things could have gone totally off the rails. The blogger behind the poll, a Yale Law graduate named David Lat, found himself on a panel a few years later with Judge Wood and braced himself for a lecture. She was a very senior jurist; he was an upstart who had named her a “bodacious babe of the bench.”

Instead, when Wood found out who he was, she tossed her head back and started cackling.

“That’s your website? What a hoot!” Wood told him.

As of this week, Wood sits at the center of the nation’s most important legal drama, deciding just how much attorney-client privilege President Donald Trump will be granted as prosecutors rifle through the files of his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Last week, federal officials seized papers, cellphones, a tablet, a laptop and a safe deposit box from Cohen’s office and hotel room. Cohen’s lawyers say that material is protected, and Wood is adjudicating their request. She is, friends and colleagues say, the perfect judge for the unfolding political drama that has washed up on the steps of the federal courthouse in Lower Manhattan, complete with porn actress Stormy Daniels showing up at a hearing.

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