I’m a lifelong conservative and I support Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation

“Trump’s attack on the Robert Mueller investigation is wrong and fails to put America first. He doesn’t get what made us great: We’re a nation of laws.”

From USA Today:

I am an Alabamian and a lifelong conservative. I am 56, and have never voted for a Democrat in a presidential election. I am a white, middle-aged attorney living and working where I was born. I’m an evangelical Christian. I am pro-life. I cling to my guns and religion.

Some may call me a “deplorable.” My life is a caricature of a Donald Trump supporter. But I am not. I never have been. From day one, I knew enough about his celebrity act, his business and personal practices, and his prior support of liberal causes to know he was not a person I would want as commander in chief.

President Trump has lived his entire life as a man to whom the rules do not apply, be they rules of polite behavior, rules of marital fidelity, rules against sexual exploitation and rules of law. The president now threatens to be the judge of his own campaign’s conduct, acting as a medieval king who is above the law and takes what he wants, answering to no one. When a man reveals his true character, believe him, and react accordingly.

Here’s my reaction: Trump’s attack on the investigation headed by Robert Mueller is wrong, and fails to put America first. He and his campaign are subject to scrutiny for wrongdoing, just like every other American. Far from the investigation being a disgrace as the president claims, it would be a disgrace to not thoroughly evaluate possible wrongdoing. […]

I naively thought Trump’s campaign was over when he slandered Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain’s service because he was captured with his body broken into pieces. It obviously was not. Now Trump is attacking another decorated war hero, Mueller, who despite being wounded in battle as a young man, kept heroically leading his troops. Since his military service, Mueller has spent decades in public service acclaimed by all — especially Republicans.

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