Ahead of summit, South Korea says it will stop blasting K-Pop, propaganda along border with the North

“Messages via speakers began years after the 1953 armistice between the two nations that halted the conflict.”

From the Los Angeles Times:

The South Korean military has muffled its high-decibel propaganda loudspeakers along the highly fortified border with North Korea as a gesture of goodwill ahead of this week’s summit between the two nations’ leaders.

The speakers have in the past broadcast a mix of messages that can be heard for miles on the North’s side, including South Korean pop music and positive news about topics not generally available in the totalitarian state.

The devices made headlines in November when they blasted out positive details about the health of a North Korean soldier shot by his comrades during a daring defection. Their presence has in the past angered North Korean officials.

In a statement, the South Korean defense ministry said it ordered the speakers turned off Monday “to mitigate military tensions between North and South Korea and create an atmosphere of peaceful talks on the occasion of the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit.” It said it hoped both sides would halt any slander or propaganda activities.

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