Israel said that Iran lied about wanting a nuke and so the Iran deal is garbage

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dramatic presentation claimed to show Iran lying about the history of its nuclear program. But he offered no evidence that Iran had cheated on the nuclear deal.”

From BuzzFeed News:

Iran had previously sought a nuclear weapon despite claims to the contrary, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday in a dramatic presentation that comes amid increased chatter that President Donald Trump will pull out of the Iran deal.

But Netanyahu revealed little that wasn’t already known, and he provided no evidence that Iran was currently cheating on the 2015 nuclear deal it reached with the United States and five other major countries.

Still, Netanyahu said his presentation was the result of “an intelligence achievement, one of the biggest ever in the state of Israel” — thousands of files ferried away from Iran detailing the country’s nuclear program. It is unclear how or when Israel got the documents out of Iran.

Speaking from Israel’s defense ministry, Netanyahu said the documents proved Iran sought a nuclear weapon in what was called “Project Amada.” He projected a Powerpoint presentation that included a map of five potential nuclear test sites in eastern Iran, charts showing yellowcake production and bomb designs, and a 2003 letter from the defense ministry ordering the continuation of work under scientific auspices, among other documents.

Netanyahu stood in front of hundreds of binders that he said held copies of files taken from Iran and said: “The Iran nuclear deal is based on lies. It’s based on Iranian lies and Iranian deception.”

Iran has repeatedly denied it wanted a nuclear weapon, but Western intelligence agencies have long known much of the information that Netanyahu presented. Sen. Bob Corker, the Republican chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told Bloomberg that the Israeli speech provided “nothing new.”

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