Mueller ‘threatened Trump with subpoena’ amid Russia probe

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller warned he could issue a subpoena for Donald Trump to appear before a grand jury as part of a probe into alleged Russian election meddling, US media report.”

From the BBC:

Mr Mueller suggested the move during talks with Mr Trump’s lawyers in March.

He said the subpoena would compel the president to face investigators, the Washington Post reports.

It is believed to be the first time the special counsel raised the possibility of forcing Mr Trump to testify.

During the meeting in March, Mr Trump’s lawyers insisted that the president was under no obligation to face questions by federal investigators in relation to the Russia inquiry, according to the Washington Post, which cited four people familiar with the encounter.

However Mr Mueller’s team reportedly responded by suggesting they would issue a subpoena if Mr Trump declined. They agreed to provide the president’s lawyers with more specific information about the questions they wished to ask Mr Trump.

The president’s former lawyer, John Dowd, also told Reuters news agency on Tuesday that Mr Mueller mentioned at the meeting the possibility of forcing Mr Trump to face questions.

Mr Dowd, who resigned about a week and a half after the meeting, said he told investigators that the probe was not “some game”, adding: “You are screwing with the work of the president of the United States.”

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