Trump may leave the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday

“This scenario is most likely because Trump views Iran in the absolutely evil category, and he feels viscerally about it.”

From CNBC:

President Donald Trump says he will announce his long-awaited decision on the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday, likely kicking off a risky and complicated effort to bring international pressure on Tehran.

Trump is widely expected to withdraw the United States from the agreement. That’s just the first step in a process that presents the White House with several options for exiting the deal. The ultimate effect on U.S. alliances, trade partnerships and the oil market will depend on which path the administration takes. […]

International inspectors and signatories to the deal, including the United States, have consistently certified that Iran is complying with the agreement, but Trump has decided the accord itself is flawed. He warned in January that he would not suspend the oil sanctions on May 12 unless Europe agreed to revise the terms of the accord. Such a trans-Atlantic deal has not emerged.

By refusing to waive sanctions without proving that Iran is violating the deal, Trump would effectively drop the agreement made by the United States. That affects the rest of the world because Trump can use powerful U.S. sanctions tools to compel foreign buyers to stop importing Iranian oil.

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