Trump shredding Obama’s failed deal is just the beginning of winning in Iran

“No one can defeat America, but America can endanger and undermine herself — and that is exactly what President Obama and his secretary of State, John Kerry, did with the JCPOA.”

From The Hill:

The fate of Obama’s JCPOA Iran deal was clear when Donald J. Trump became America’s 45th president.

The new commander-in-chief inherently knew that President Obama’s so-called “legacy” deal actually facilitated our enemies in Tehran, as it released more than $140 billion to the mullahs, had no effect on Iranian ballistic missile capability, created a risible inspection regime, and included a sunset clause which meant that nuclear weapons acquisition by Iran was simply delayed, not in fact prevented.

And after Prime Minister Netanyahu gave his commanding performance on Iran’s secret AMAD Program that had only one goal — obtaining nuclear bombs for Iran — today’s decision was a forgone conclusion.

But what now?

The original Iran deal was predicated on a very simple — and unbelievably naive — concept hatched during the Obama years: that the Sunnis of the Middle East, including jihadist groups such as al Qaeda and the Islamic State, were in ascendance and that empowering the Shia regime in Iran would provide a counterbalance.

This, despite the fact that the mullahs in Tehran have the same goal as Sunni extremists: to take over the region and attack American interests globally.

The issue is not which of our enemies to empower, but how to ensure that none of them achieve their goals.

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