Lindsey Graham helped Trump intimidate Chinese by warning them POTUS is ‘crazy, volatile’

Graham told the Chinese ambassador, “If you don’t think Trump’s crazy, then you’re crazy.”

From The Western Journal:

During the 2016 Republican primary season, most of the GOP presidential candidates were not big fans of then-businessman Donald Trump, and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was certainly no exception.

Since Trump won the election and took office, Graham has come around somewhat and has been fairly supportive of the president’s agenda, though he still offers up softened criticism of Trump’s words and deeds at times like many other members of the Republican establishment.

According to Mediaite, Graham appears to have delivered a grab bag of criticism and praise of the president during a speech to the Columbia Rotary Club on Monday.

The remarks from the senator on a variety of topics were documented in a handful of tweets from a local reporter in attendance at the speech, Andy Shain of The Charleston Post and Courier.

At one point Graham related how he had told the Chinese ambassador, “If you don’t think Trump’s crazy, then you’re crazy.”

While on it’s face that may come across as criticism, consider how that actually may have proven helpful to the bigger picture of Trump’s agenda as it pertains to military and trade relations with China and especially North Korea.

Trump’s bellicose rhetoric toward North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un — which in essence appears to have brought Kim to the discussion table for peace talks — painted the picture that Trump was just “crazy” enough to actually back up his “fire and fury” rhetoric with actual furious fire from the military if Kim continued to threaten the region.

Read the whole thing …

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