Trump’s Iran decision has turned allies into adversaries

“Maybe they should bestow a Nobel Anti-Peace Prize for doing the most needless damage to world peace. Trump would be a shoo-in.”

From Huffpost:

Don’t place any bets on that Nobel Peace Prize for Donald Trump. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Trump may stage the illusion of progress toward a denuclearized Korea. But the details of that goal will take long and arduous diplomacy.

One risk is that Kim is setting a trap for Trump in which both leaders can claim success, but as negotiations drag on, North Korea keeps working on its arsenal and its ballistic missile capabilities. Trump, showman and cynic, may go along so he can claim a diplomatic breakthrough. Another risk is that Trump will realize he is being played, and will one-up Kim by walking out of the talks, thus adding to regional tensions. The one thing that will not happen is the immediate conclusion of a final and verifiable deal.

But the potential for a bogus deal with North Korea is only one of several arenas in which Trump is setting back world peace. Even more serious is the fallout from Trump’s disavowal of the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran.

Scrapping that deal could provoke new tensions in the region, including a strengthening of Iranian hard-liners and an unleashing of a bellicose Israel. And the most damaging result of all may be that Trump’s Iran policy risks fracturing what’s left of the American alliance with Europe.

The Trump administration has taken the position that any nation that does business with Iran will be in violation of the U.S. commercial boycott and will face stringent sanctions. That means the EU, which supports the deal and did not want Trump to kill it.

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