Senate to Trump: Back off your bid to end net neutrality

“The president’s regulation will go forward in June anyway. But he got a slap on the wrist Wednesday.”

From the Daily Beast:

The Senate on Wednesday delivered a rebuke to the Trump administration when all Democrats and three Republicans voted to reinstate net-neutrality regulations that the Federal Communications Commission scrapped last year.

The measure was largely symbolic, as it stands little chance of passing through the House of Representatives and virtually none at all of winning the signature of President Donald Trump. But it shows a political opening for proponents of net neutrality, should the balance of power swing toward the Democrats after the midterm elections later this year. It also illustrates that the debate over how data is transmitted on the Internet is not cleanly divided along partisan lines. […]

Under net-neutrality rules, telecommunications companies and Internet service providers were prevented from favoring certain data types over others. Those regulations, which were put in place under the Obama administration, were rolled back under Trump’s FCC, which ruled that Internet providers could charge consumers more for better data delivery. The FCC’s decision, known as the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, takes effect on June 11.

“Under the 2017 order, an Internet service provider can throttle, block, or discriminate so long as it discloses,” Kennedy told The Daily Beast. “The response to that is, well, just switch Internet service providers. For some, they can. Others can’t.”

A December poll found that 83 percent of Americans opposed the FCC’s decision to repeal the Obama-era net-neutrality regulations. The same poll found that 75 percent of Republicans agree. And with the midterm elections just four months away, Democrats are hoping that enough House Republicans will fear a backlash from their constituents — and they’ve warned that rolling back the regulations could cause some Americans to pay more for even slower Internet speeds.

Read the whole thing …

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