Biden sees scant cause to celebrate the Trump-Kim summit results  

Former Vice President Joe Biden is reportedly disturbed by the results of the summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. To paraphrase Biden’s statement Tuesday, Trump has given North Korea numerous wins up front, including an easing of pressure on Pyongyang, the suspension of U.S.-South Korean military exercises and the summit itself which has elevated Kim from international pariah to the level of a legitimate head of state with a relevant voice on the world stage.

Legitimacy bestowed upon a murderous dictator, a man who has no regard for human rights, “who executed his uncle and dozens of other officials, had his half-brother killed and starved his people in favor of building up a nuclear arsenal.”

And what did Trump get for launching “Little Rocket Man” to such a dizzy height? Virtually nothing, you could argue, just vague promises to begin negotiations on denuclearization, a tactic North Korea is notorious for.

Well yes, that’s a feasible point. But then again, it’s equally feasible to suppose that Kim realizes the danger of trying to pull a similar stunt on an unpredictable man like President Trump.

Unless he’s confident Xi Jinping has his back.

At the very least, for now — Biden’s misgivings notwithstanding — tensions have been reduced.