What kind of Supreme Court are we likely to have now?  

Leftist talking-head prophets of doom are in full cry over President Trump’s announcement of Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee.

They’re warning that earth-shattering transformations, to America’s detriment, are about to befall us.

Many on the political left are hopping mad and calling for all-out opposition to Kavanaugh.

Documentary film-maker Michael Moore, for example, has called for non-stop aggressive action everywhere to stop Kavanaugh, even to the extent of urging, in an Instagram post, “those on the left to do everything from calling their Senators, to pleading with journalists to engage in ‘investigative journalism,’ to find the ‘skeletons in every closet.'”

Talk about fighting dirty.

Conservative political commentator and writer Ben Shapiro, on the other hand, is of the view that with Kavanaugh, “we’re likely to get careful, narrowly tailored decisions, not earth-shattering transformation.”

In National Review, Shapiro writes:

Amid the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the political Left and the triumphalist trumpeting from the political Right regarding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, one question has gone missing: What, exactly, will the Supreme Court look like once Kavanaugh joins?

Those on the left, like those on the right, suggest that Kavanaugh will be a transformational pick. They believe Roe is in danger, that Citizens United will be dramatically strengthened, that religious believers will be handed carte blanche, and all the rest.

Here’s the truth: If there’s one proposition that distinguishes Kavanaugh from his more militant colleagues, it’s his unique capacity to write specific, detailed decisions that knock down trees while leaving forests intact. Kavanaugh’s opinions tend not to be ringing endorsements or rebukes of the Justice Scalia or Justice Thomas type; they tend to be narrowly tailored decisions that recall Chief Justices Roberts and Rehnquist.

Read the whole thing …

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