A Billionaire Just Launched a Company to Sell Hotel Reservations in Space — and Outdo NASA With a ‘Monster’ Space Station

From Business Insider:

Robert Bigelow, who made his billions from the hotel chain Budget Suites of America, has officially launched a new spaceflight company called Bigelow Space Operations (BSO).

Bigelow, age 72, founded Bigelow Aerospace in 1999. That company develops space hardware and built an inflatable room, called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, which NASA attached to the International Space Station in 2016.

But the hotel mogul has grand ambitions to use BSO to commercialize space — and outdo NASA with a “monster” space station.

In 2021, BSO plans to launch two 55-foot-long inflatable modules, called B330-1 and B330-2, that link together to form a private space station. The new company wants to sell time aboard to countries in need of orbital laboratory space, as well as multi-million-dollar reservations to tourists seeking the trip (and hotel stay) of a lifetime.

“These single structures that house humans on a permanent basis will be the largest, most complex structures ever known as stations for human use in space,” the company said in a press release.

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Nikki Haley to Top Palestinian Negotiator: I Will Not Shut Up

“I assure you that [the current] path will get the Palestinian people exactly nowhere toward the achievement of their aspirations.”

From The Jerusalem Post:

United States Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley had strong words for top Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat on Monday: “I will not shut up.”

Her remarks, made at a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York, were a firm response to comments made by Erekat earlier this month, in which he called her “impudent” and told her to “shut up” regarding her criticisms of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas, who spoke earlier, left the chamber before either the Israeli or the American representatives could respond– a clear diplomatic slight.

“I’m sorry that he declined to stay in the chamber to hear remarks of others,” Haley said. Both she and Israel’s representative, Danny Danon, remained seated during Abbas’s speech. “We welcome you as the leader of the Palestinian people here today.”

“But I will decline the advice I was recently given by your top negotiator, Saeb Erekat. I will not shut up,” she said. “Rather, I will respectfully speak some hard truths.”

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Nolte: The Government Failed, No One Was Armed, 17 Innocents Died

By John Nolte:

The only lesson a rational person can take away from the Parkland school massacre, is this: federal and local law enforcement is either too corrupt, inept, or hamstrung, to protect our children. Therefore, we must protect ourselves.

In the days and months leading up to last week’s mass murder in Parkland, Florida, the American people did their job. They saw something and they said something — numerous times. Local and federal law enforcement were warned.

Again and again and again, bloody-red flags popped up around this monster. Still, government balls were dropped, government ineptitude reigned, government bureaucracy stalled. Whatever the inexcusable and catastrophic reasons are, that does not matter. What matters is this…

Seventeen innocent people died because they were unarmed and helpless, because their government failed at its primary job — to protect the life of its citizens.

Knowing these facts, Democrats and their media allies are still rabid to exploit this latest government failure as a means to provoke and promote even more government failures.

In the wake of Parkland, this is the left’s thought process:

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Newt Gingrich: After the Florida Shootings, Here’s a Practical Proposal to Protect Our Children

From Fox News:

Wednesday’s tragic attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida is a deeply painful reminder of how much we have failed to honestly confront the problem of school shootings in America.

Putting up “Gun-Free Zone” signs is not a solution. It is an act of self-deception. By definition, the determined killers carry their guns past the signs. They are not slowed down for one second by community sentiment.

The current strategies of responding to a violent threat by either freezing students in place or accelerating student evacuation both carry seeds of disaster. Freezing the students in place simply sets them up to be killed methodically by a brutal, evil or mentally ill person. Having them flee may lead them to run right into the path of the killer.

In “Day of Wrath,” a novel by Bill Forstchen, there is a vivid description of how dangerous our current school policies are in setting up the innocent to be killed. In this stunning depiction of a methodical radical Islamist assault targeting American schools, the moral and intellectual dead-end of the current policies is made clear.

America is not going to become gun-free. Firearm-specific bans, such as bans on semi-automatic rifles, won’t have an impact because the majority of mass shootings in the United States are committed with semi-automatic handguns.

In fact, the deadliest school shooting in our history, in April 2007 at Virginia Tech, was committed with handguns. Therefore, the danger of evil, insane or politically-religiously motivated people killing the innocent will remain.

Mental health-focused “solutions” are incompatible with civil liberties. America is not going to adopt laws to apprehend or restrict every person who might become dangerous. That would trap hundreds or even thousands of innocent people to try to stop the few truly deranged, dangerous people. Each killer’s threat is much more obvious after the killings.

After each wave of killings, we wring our hands, say strong words and do little.

The fact is, evil people with guns must be stopped by good people with guns.

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The FBI Has Dropped the Ball so Badly on Mass Shooters and Russian Election Meddling They Should Be Renamed the Federal Bureau of Incompetence

By Piers Morgan:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s official website couldn’t be any clearer about the purpose of the organisation.

‘The mission of the FBI,’ it reads, ‘is to protect the American people.’

As for the role of its much-vaunted Special Agents, the FBI defines their job as: ‘Staying ahead of the threat through leadership, agility and collaboration.’


Where do those two bold statements of intent sit today, I wonder?

It’s hard to imagine there has even been a worse week for the FBI in its 109-year history.

First, they were forced to admit they spectacularly dropped the ball on the Florida mass shooter.

On January 5 this year, the FBI received a call to its Public Access Line, a service specifically set up to encourage people to report crimes or threats.

This wasn’t a vague call to the hotline’s West Virginia call center.

It was very, very specific.

‘A person close to Nikolas Cruz,’ read the FBI statement, ‘provided information about Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behaviour, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting.’

What should have happened next is blindingly obvious.

‘Under established protocols,’ the statement continued, ‘the information provided by the caller should have been assessed as a potential threat to life (and) forwarded to the FBI Miami Field Office where appropriate investigative steps would have been taken.’


But staggeringly, shamefully, it wasn’t.

As the FBI conceded, ‘the information was not provided to the Miami field office, and no further investigation was conducted at that time.’

Sorry, WHAT?

How is it even possible that such a detailed, terrifying warning could be ignored?

FBI Director Christopher Wray said: ‘It is up to all Americans to be vigilant, and when members of the public contact us with concerns, we must act properly and quickly.’

Well yes, Mr Wray.

Thanks for the reminder of what the FBI is supposed to do with tips like that.

But an American WAS vigilant, and DID contact you with concerns, and you acted improperly, and not just slowly but non-existently.

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Michael Moore Plays Into Russia’s Plans, Urging Kids to ‘Revolt!’ and ‘Shut Down These Schools’

From PJ Media:

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, Leftist film director and activist Michael Moore encouraged students to “revolt” and “shut down these schools,” as news broke that he took an active role in an anti-Trump rally orchestrated by Russian meddling shortly after the 2016 election. Instigating revolt may be precisely what the Russian meddling aimed to achieve.

“The adults of America have made every child fear they might be shot to death one day at school. It is time now for the adults to fear the children who are rising up, who will walk out & shut down these schools — and who will very soon be voters,” Moore tweeted. “Students! Revolt! We support you!”

Moore made these remarks shortly before news broke that a rally against Trump in which he took a lead role was actually orchestrated by Russian meddling efforts — after the 2016 election.

As The Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter reported, Moore took part in an anti-Trump protest in New York organized by Russians, according to the indictments released from Special Counsel Robert Mueller last Friday. Mueller issued indictments for 13 Russian nationals for meddling in the 2016 election, focusing on how the Russians used social media to stir up strife and anger on social media — and got unwitting Americans to do their bidding.

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Robert Mueller Has Trump Cornered

From HuffPost:

Special counsel Robert Mueller is methodically, brilliantly filling in pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When complete, the puzzle will depict a president who is ripe ― overripe ― for impeachment.

Mueller’s indictment on Friday of Russia’s cyberwarfare against the 2016 election was a tactical and investigative masterstroke. President Donald Trump is now cornered. Mueller’s report makes a total liar out of Trump for his repeated claims that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin when Putin says Russia had nothing to do with it, that the hacking could have been “some guy in New Jersey.”

The indictments do not quite connect the Russian operation to Putin personally, but that’s beside the point. No serious person believes that an operation as sensitive as deliberate disruption of the U.S. election could go forward without Putin’s full knowledge and support in a state as authoritarian as his.

Trump, having repeatedly denied Russian involvement, has now shifted gears and is insisting that the proper test of wrongdoing is “collusion.” But this is a straw man.

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly and publicly urged the Russians to come forward with dirt on Hillary Clinton. His top advisers met with Russian operatives to see what they had. That part of Mueller’s investigation is still open.

What we already know is plenty damning. A conspiracy of interest does not have to include an explicit tit-for-tat deal. It can be based on signaling.

In this case, Trump and his family relied on massive bailouts of his failing business enterprises from Russian oligarchs close to the Kremlin. When he became a presidential candidate, the Russians treated him as an asset ― a useful idiot, as Stalinists used to put it. And when the campaign finalists turned out to be Trump versus the hard-line Clinton, the Russians sought to destroy her and elect Trump. Trump, meanwhile, became the most pro-Russia president in U.S. history, refusing to breathe a word of criticism of Putin, behaving like the head of a client state. This much of the story is hidden in plain view.

The details ― of Russian financing of Trump’s businesses, and of more campaign contacts ― are likely to be spelled out in further indictments, almost surely including members of Trump’s family, and in Mueller’s final report, which will look very much like a bill of impeachment.

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